Fion Chouphotography by Caelie Frampton

I grew up in Taiwan, in a family where TCM techniques were  applied as a way of life; for example, my father and brother used acupuncture and herbs to help many people. I saw how these techniques helped friends and strangers who would show their gratitude by returning with gifts such as home-cooked meals. I believe it was this early experience that led me to eventually leave a successful career so that I could study Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, and received my professional designations as registered Acupuncturist and registered TCM Practitioner in 2003. I also pursued further training by travelling to Hefei and Jianyin in the People’s Republic of China, working with patients in those regions under the supervision of various TCM physicians.

I continue to train with Edward Obaidey sensei and participate in professional study groups. I strongly believe that learning is an ongoing life-long process. I am fluent in Mandarin, English and Taiwanese.

My Approach
I believe that the mind and body are interconnected.  I think of each person in a holistic way; that means that I want to pay attention to many factors that contribute to each person’s symptoms of illness and what the underlying causes are.  I am interested in addressing those causes and hence alleviating symptoms.  I am also using techniques to promote health.

With a holistic approach, I look to strengthen the body’s capabilities through tonifying certain energy systems.  I also treat to remove energetic blockages in the body.  I use acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and dispense herbs as well as explore dietary and lifestyle changes that may benefit each person according to her or his current needs.

Healing Path Clinic
My practice focuses on people being in a safe, welcome and supportive atmosphere at my clinic.  I have treated a range of conditions, including colds, infertility, migraines, chronic pain, sports-related injuries, vertigo, insomnia, menopause, hormonal imbalances, stress-related symptoms, chronic fatigue, asthma as well as skin conditions.  I like to share information with my patients as to what I am noticing and doing as the treatment proceeds.  That’s because I believe that healing is a collaborative process in which I offer my skills and caring presence, while the person is also actively engaged in her or his own healing.